The Artist

Michelle has been following her passion in photography for over 15 years. Her primary focus has been on creating  heirloom portraits for her subjects, timeless art to be passed from one generation  to the next. She has also been used extensively to document local events, such as the Creole Heritage Project, Juneteen, and many  more. She has a natural eye for composition which  enables her to create extraordinary images and gives her the ability to tell a complete story within her images. She is very passionate about continuing her own education, as well as educating others about the importance of achieving and maintaining a  high degree of professionalism in photography. Because of this commitment to excellence she is a current member of Professional Photographers of America,

Michelle is committed to giving back to the community. She believes that everyone should have a beautiful portrait of themselves. Therefore by creating, “The One Good Shot, The Chelsea and Camille Project,” for disabled  children and adults, she is afforded the opportunity to donate her time and resources  toward making this belief a reality. 

First place in “Storytelling“, First Place in Child Portraits, First Place in Wedding Portraits

First Place in Portraits

 First Place in General Portraits and the “Henry B Elsas People's Choice Award” and received numerous  “Distinguished Prints